Everest | 2015, 70'

Opera | Orchestra

A one-act work for Dallas Opera based on the tragic climbing disaster on Mount Everest in 1996.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland | 2011, 120'

Ballet | Orchestra

Written for choreographer Christopher Wheeldon's full-length narrative ballet based on Lewis Carroll's classic work of children's literature. The ballet was a co-commission between the National Ballet of Canada and The Royal Ballet, being the first score commissioned by the latter company for a ballet of this kind in 20 years. The work received its premiere with The Royal Ballet in February 2011. A suite from the ballet was recorded by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London in 2012.

Chroma | 2006, 25'

Ballet | Orchestra

Four original works of Talbot's alongside three of his arrangements of songs by The White Stripes, all reworked to form the score for choreographer Wayne McGregor's 2006 piece Chroma for The Royal Ballet. The work has since toured internationally and entered the repertory of several of the world's top ballet companies.

     Aluminum | 2006, 

     Cloudpark | 2004, 3'

     The Hardest Button to Button | 2006, 

     Blue Orchid | 2006

     A Yellow Disc Rising from the Sea | 2004, 3'

     Transit of Venus | 2004, 3'

     Hovercraft | 2004, 5'


The Winter's Tale | 2014

Ballet | Orchestra

Talbot's second collaboration with choreographer Christopher Wheeldon on a full-length narrative ballet for The Royal Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada, based on Shakespeare's play.

Genus | 2007, 45'

Ballet | Vocals, strings, electronics

Written in collaboration with electronic artist Deru for choreographer Wayne McGregor's work Genus for the Paris Opera Ballet. Based on the theme of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.